A couple try to mend their broken past.

A man and a woman in a garden. She has stories for him; he unpicks them. Stories about the origins of language and why people don't understand each other.

She helps him explore a story he needs to tell - at first rather awkwardly. Gradually more and more complicit. They talk of Nimrod and neurons, of the babble of Babel, of poetry and the prefrontal cortex. They share a history that both binds them together and holds them apart. But do the stories they tell and the arguments they provoke draw them any closer? Or are they a way to avoid talking about the things that really matter? Time is running out.

"A dance of love, desire and separation eloquently told by the words not said... fizzes and crackles with wit and wisdom. This is work of the highest quality." Avril Silk, remotegoat.com ★★★★★

"Stripped right back and in that simplicity managing to pack philosophy and science, myth and magic, laughter and heartbreak into a riveting 75 minutes the strength of this piece comes from the union of intelligent writing and the word-perfect power of the performances." Belinda Dillon, Exeunt ★★★★

"Genuinely moving, audacious in its simplicity, a special experience. Theatre makers with a full mastery of their craft." Mark Wallace, director of Beaford Arts

"My favourite multi story production; one which perfectly illustrates the company's excellent writing and performances and which tackles the universal through the personal." David Lockwood, artistic director The Bike Shed Theatre

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