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A highly physical dramatic collage

The hunt for the Beast of Exmoor provides the starting point for a taut psychological thriller about our need for Beasts and what happens as we hunt them.

A marine on the moor stalks the beast. A mysterious woman appears at his side to help or to hinder? For the soldier, fresh from conflict, the hunt takes on a startling significance. And the tale takes on a life of its own, interweaving stories and myths from other times and other traditions to examine the nature of the beast and the fate of the hero who hunts it.

Hercules and the Lion, Diana and Acteon, Beowulf and Grendel - even the Werewolf of Ilfracombe - they all make an appearance along with the Marines and other assorted victims and hunters.

This pacy two-hander uses lightning-quick changes of character, heightened physicality, music and projection to tell its story. Though created essentially for an adult audience, it is proving hugely popular with Drama Students at GCSE level and above because of the range of theatre skills and styles that it employs.

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