a moving mix of fable and political commentary

Digging the Dirt provokes questions about the world we're making for ourselves.

A couple from a time past try to dig themselves a brighter future whilst a couple from time present face the repercussions of whistle-blowing.  The impulse to make the world a better place comes up against the challenges inherent in working together.

Rooted in both historical and contemporary events - the C17th Digger movement and the C21st leaking of state secrets - the twin stories twist around each other as the pressure builds. What do you give up in the name of freedom? How far do you compromise to protect your principles?

thumbnail twitter image "A wonderful, thought-provoking, earthy piece of theatre that we highly recommend!”

We have performed Digging the Dirt in studio theatres, fringe festivals, village halls, an historic Quaker Meeting House, a Socialist club, the drama faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and at Edgewood College, Madison USA.

We are currently embarking on a tour of Quaker Meeting Houses throughout the UK. Some performances are already on our schedule, otherwise will be added as they are confirmed.

“The best thing I’ve seen in a long while - and a performance that will be of interest to colleagues around the world working in the fields of peace / mediation / human rights - telling a story from the pre-cursors of Quakerism in England to modern day issues of freedom of speech. More interesting questions raised in an hour long show than you could generally shake a stick at.”

thumbnail twitter image "Moved to tears by @multistoryTC. When do you speak out? And who listens if you do?"

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photo by Judit Kocsar