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A moving family drama that has won plaudits across the country.

Josh and Ben fought imaginary monsters as kids growing up in North Devon. Now Ben climbs mountains and Josh is about to leave for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Chrissie and Doug had moved the boys to Devon for a fresh start – and had agreed never to talk of their lives ‘before’. But Josh’s decision to join up threatens the idyll.

While Chrissie is in the kitchen baking cakes for Josh and his comrades, Doug is in the cellar with his computers, refusing to accompany his wife to the send-off. They communicate by Skype between kitchen and cellar, Doug streaming in a variety of images from the net – news footage, blogs, video-diaries, facebook pages – as well as family photos past and present.

Enjoy both Chrissie’s home-baking and Doug’s video-mixing as the two of them struggle to resolve their differences and salvage their family’s future.

"Extraordinary scope and depth." ArtsCulture

"A totally absorbing experience. The ingenious use of live webcam video projection mixed with images of war, the North Devon countryside and family life brought past and present together. I loved the way that this use of technology was an integral part of the story and not just a gimmicky afterthought." Arts&Entertainment

The script was developed through the agency of Beaford Arts’ ‘Breathing Space’ project with invaluable dramaturgical input from David Lane. We are grateful for the support of North Devon Theatres in developing the production.

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