East o'the Sun, West o'the Moon image

A Christmas treat.

A white bear comes knocking at the cottage door. The daughter of the house agrees to join him in his icy palace. There she has all the riches that she could ask for but she is curious as to why the white bear won't let her light any candles at night.

Eventually, encouraged by her mother, she does so and discovers that the bear is in fact a handsome Prince. But she has broken a spell and the Prince is whisked away from her to the Troll Castle, which lies East o'the Sun and West o'the Moon.

The girl is heart-broken and sets out to find him. Aided by three mysterious women and abetted by the four Winds she finally reaches the Troll Castle where she has to use all her powers to save the Prince from marriage to the Troll Princess.

"Full of the humour, movement and music that have become the hallmarks of a multi story production."  North Devon Journal

East o'the Sun, West o'the Moon is a fully physicalised, hour-long piece of story-telling theatre that appeals to all ages from five upwards.

Gill and Bill animate a whole host of characters - humans, animals, trolls and winds - using their physical and vocal skills along with simple costumes, masks and some very effective shadow-play.