When Jason met Medea

Princess Medea gazes out to sea longing for a way to escape the confines of her father's palace. She uses her magic to conjure an image of a young man on a boat sailing towards Colchis. To rescue her?

Jason sails towards Colchis on his boat the Argo, accompanied by fifty Argonauts. He seeks the Golden Fleece which he intends to seize as proof that he's ready to be King of Iolcos.

When they meet they are instantly attracted to each other and join forces to carry out some very testing tasks. Despite their succes, Medea's father goes back on his word and refuses to hand over the Golden Fleece. But the two of them use a mixture of magic and cunning to defeat the guardian Dragon and to seize the fleece. They set off across the sea for a new life together.

Two actors bring to life a host of people and creatures - aided and abetted by the audience. Join the adventure as Jason battles a swollen river, takes on the fearsome Harpies, dodges the Clashing Rocks and, with Medea's help, tames fire-breathing bulls and defeats an army that springs from Dragons'-Teeth sown in the ground.

The production is for children aged 5 - 11 and their families. It will be of especial interest to Key Stage 2 classes studying Greek Myths.

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