A classic tale from the Brothers Grimm

"The old, deep magic of words combines beautifully with the new wizardry of technology." remotegoat.com

Little Brother and Little Sister run away into the forest.  But their wicked stepmother knows where they are and casts a spell.  When Little Brother drinks from a puddle he is turned into a deer.  One day the King comes hunting and chases the deer to the little house where he and Little Sister live.  The King falls in love straightaway and Little Sister becomes his Queen.

The wicked stepmother discovers what's happened and joins the palace staff disguised as a washerwoman.  When Little Sister goes for a walk by the river, the wicked stepmother follows her and pushes her into the river.  The little deer sees what has happened and sings of the crime.  Despite the wicked stepmother's best efforts, the King is alerted; he jumps into the river and saves Little Sister.  And the wicked stepmother is chased away into the dark of the forest.

All this is told with a rich mix of physicalised story-telling, shadow-puppetry, layered video and live cams.  Schools are responding very enthusiastically to the variety of story-telling techniques that the production embodies.

"A montage of traditional acting, puppetry and digital technology woven together to create a rich tapestry that fascinated the children and drew them into the story. You both bring to the story such energy and are masters of your craft."
Elizabeth Hill, Headteacher, Hyde Park Infants School

Little Sister