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Thor the Thunderer is not impressed. Peering into the future he discovers that children in 2017 only know about him from Hollywood blockbusters - and it's not an image he recognises.

Determined to set the record straight, Thor summons The Reader of Runes. And he asks for help from the audience too as he brings to life such colourful characters as Odin One-Eye, Balder the Beautiful, Frigg the Fair, Loki the Mischief-Maker and even Sleipnir Eight-Legs, the mythical horse.

Their adventures take them from Asgard, Land of the Gods, across the Rainbow Bridge to Midgard, the Land of Men, beyond the mountains to the Land of the Snow-Giants, across the sea to the Land of the Trolls and briefly down to Niflheim, the Land of the Dead.

Join us on a great adventure that is thoroughly entertaining in its own right but which also acts a great introduction to Norse myths and the Viking way of life.

The production is for children aged 5 - 11. It will be of especial interest to Key Stage 2 classes studying the Vikings.

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Technical details:

  • get-in 75 minutes
  • performance 60 minutes
  • post-performance questions and discussion 15 minutes
  • get-out 30 minutes
  • performance area 5m x 5m x 3m height
  • access to a 13 amp socket for the lighting rig and sound equipment that we carry.

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