Viking Tales

The Vikings told great tales. Tales of adventure, tales of gods and goddesses and mythical beasts, tales of how the world began and how the age of the gods came to an end.

Viking Tales is a hugely enjoyable introduction to these wonderful stories.

Starting with the icy-mists of Niflheim and ending with the aftermath of Ragnarok, two story-tellers conjure up a host of colourful characters with evocative names, including such favourites as Odin One-Eye, Frejya the Fair, Thor the Thunderer and Loki the Sly-One.

Their adventures take them from Asgard, Land of the Gods, across the Rainbow Bridge to Midgard, Land of Men, across the icy river to Jotunheim, Land of the Frost-Giants, and even down to Niflheim, the realm of Hela, Queen of the Dead.

Join us on a great adventure that embraces the broad comedy of Thor the Thunderer disguised as a bride, the shape-shifting trickery of Loki the Sly-One and the pathos of Frigg the All-Seeing and Odin One-Eye doing all they can to save the life of their gentle son Balder the Beautiful.

The production is for children aged 5 - 11. It will be of especial interest to Key Stage 2 classes studying the Vikings.

technical details:
  • get-in 75 minutes
  • performance 60 minutes
  • post-performance questions and discussion 15 minutes
  • get-out 45 minutes
  • performance area 5m x 5m x 3m height
  • access to a 13 amp socket for the lighting rig and sound equipment that we carry.
Old image of Odin Mighty Thrymm, King of the Frost-Giants Old image of Thor Heimdall Sharp-Eyes