big stories for small spaces

The Labyrinth - Daedalus tries out the wings

plays for adult audiences

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Pericles - All At Sea imagePericles - All at Sea  - a stirring story of survival against the odds inspired by Shakespeare’s fantastical tale of shipwreck, love, loss and redemption.

Digging the Dirt imageDigging the Dirt  - as one couple try to dig themselves a brighter future, another face the costs of whistle-blowing. When do you speak out? And who listens if you do?

Almost Heaven imageAlmost Heaven  - a drama that crackles with wit and wisdom. An estranged couple try to mend their broken past through sharing stories. But time is running out.

Every Mother's Son imageEvery Mother's Son - a moving family drama. Communicating by Skype between kitchen and cellar, Chrissie tries to persuade Doug to attend the send-off for their soldier son.

House Jack Built imageThe House Jack Built  - a maelstrom of emotion and shrewd social comment. As the house crumbles, Rob disappears into his video games and Kate is left to find their missing daughter.

Backward Glance imageBackward Glance  - a surreal who-dunnit. A celebrity writer has died and her husband is implicated. Whilst under investigation, he sets out to fetch her back from the dead.

Beast imageBeast!  - a highly physical dramatic collage. The hunt for The Beast of Exmoor by Royal Marines is the starting point for a hunt through stories and myths across time for the beast within.

Medea imageMedea  - a powerful, pared-down version of Euripides' classic. Medea and Jason are compelled to replay events that led to the death of their children.

Cassandra imageCassandra  - contemporary comment through stories of old. Cassandra foresaw the future but was not believed. A military adventure mired in confusion. Then or now?

plays for young audiences

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Jason imageJason & the Golden Fleece  - the great Greek adventure thrillingly brought to life. Harpies and Clashing Rocks conspire to stop Jason in his tracks. But Medea is on hand to help.

Firebird imageThe Firebird  - a magical telling of the action-packed Russian adventure. Ivan journeys to the Frozen Wastes to rescue the Firebird. Bravura physical action and music.

Perseus imageThe Adventures of Perseus  - an ancient myth thrillingly retold. A pair of passionate and slightly eccentric professors play-out Perseus' death-defying mission to win the Gorgon's head.

Beauty and the Beast imageBeauty & the Beast  a new twist to a well-loved story. A bag-lady and a security guard perform a pre-Disney French version of the well-known story. Original live music and puppets.

Little Brother and Little Sister imageLittle Brother and Little Sister  - the deep magic of words combines with the new wizardry of technology. When the children escape to the forest, Little Brother is turned into a deer.

Burd Ellen imageBurd Ellen  - ancient myth and modern neuroscience. An old story retold with an understanding of how our brain processes the choices we make.

12 Wild Ducks imageTwelve Wild Ducks  - a classic tale of endurance sensitively told. A feisty Princess is on a mission to save her twelve brothers who were turned into ducks when she was born.

Labyrinth imageThe Labyrinth  - two Greek myths for the price of one! Deadalus and Ariadne - now very old - re-tell both the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and the flight of Icarus.

East o'the Sun West o'the Moon imageEast o'the Sun, West o'the Moon - a young girl sets out on a great adventure. She has to rescue a Prince who has been turned into a bear by the Trolls.